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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Grunge rocker Lee

Happy 47th birthday, sweetie!

1990. May 5th - Lee appearing with Jason at their stepdad's Hard Rock Cafe for the John Lennon memorial concert at the Pier Head in Liverpool. Many thanks to Sentimentalist.

Ca. 1991 - American actress Barbara Bach (c) with her family. On either side of her are her children by her first husband, Gian Andrea ('Gianni') and Francesca Gregorini. Surrounding them are her second husband Ringo Starr's children by an earlier marriage, Jason, Lee and Zak Starkey, with Zak's wife Sarah and daughter Tatia Jayne Starkey.

1992 - At the awards ceremony for The Variety Club of Great Britain with her dad. Many thanks to Sentimentalist for this pic.

April 6, 1992 - Posing backstage at the Royal Albert Hall after George Harrison and Ringo's triumphant appearance at the charity benefit concert billed as "The Natural Law Party Presents George Harrison & Friends" are: (Standing left to right) Andy Fairweather-Low, George, Julian Lennon, Ringo Starr and Lee Starkey. Kneeling in front are guitarists Joe Walsh and Mike Campbell. From The Beatles Monthly Book. Many thanks to Lynn Mayes, from the deleted Lee Parkin Starkey group at yahoo!. In the pictures there are also Lee's brothers Jason and Zak Starkey, and Mary McCartney.

April 7th, 1992 - Lee Starkey at the Press conference for the release of Ringo Starr's solo album 'Time Takes Time'.

May 21, 1992 - Celebrating the third anniversary of Bill Wyman's Sticky Fingers restaurant at London's Hard Rock Cafe are: Jason Starkey, Mary McCartney, Stella McCartney, 2 unknowns, Maureen Tigrett and Lee Starkey. Many thanks to Lynn Mayes, from the deleted Lee Parkin Starkey group at yahoo!

Various Lee and Jay, unknown details. Last picture from Meet the Beatles for Real.

January 27th, 1993 - Lee and Jason at the opening of Linda McCartney's exhibition of Sixties portraits at the Hamilton Gallery in Carlos Place, Grosvenor Square, London.

September 1993 - Jason, Barbara, her sister Marjorie, Lord Alexander Rufus Isaac, Lee & Ringo Starr. Many thanks to Lynn.

September 8th, 1995 - On 1995 Lee suffered her first brain tumour. From left to right: Lee (with cap), Ringo Starr, Christian Paris (?) and Barbara Bach going to hospital.

June 29, 1996 - Lee backstage at Hyde Park, with Barbara Bach, Zak Starkey, Ringo Starr, half-sister Augusta King Tigrett and niece Tatia Jayne (Zak's daughter) at Prince's Trust Concert the Mastercard Masters of Music London. 


Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Happy 69th birthday, beautiful Charlotte!

Ca. 1966 - Eric Clapton and Charlotte Martin. Unknown details.

Ca. 1967 - Charlotte (in ginger wig) and other models modelling for The Fool. Pictures by Karl Ferris.

May 1967 - Eric Clapton and Carlotte Martin posing for a Cream's shot y Robert Whittaker.  (Photo by Robert Whitaker/Getty Images)

1967 - Charlotte and Eric photographed in Hyde Park during a Legalise Pot rally.

Summer 1967 - Guitarist Eric Clapton with his then girlfriend, French model Charlotte Martin  in London. (Photo by Robert Whitaker/Getty Images)

Eric Clapton with then girlfriend Charlotte Martin watching an act at the The Seventh National Jazz and Blues Festival that took place on 11th, 12th & 13th August 1967 at the Royal Windsor Racecourse. (Odile Noel/Lebrecht Music & Arts) http://www.lebrecht.co.uk

June 25, 1967 - Two pictures showing The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein (C) with The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards (R) and backround between them Cream's Eric clapton with Charlotte Martin; and Keith Moon, Kim Kerrigan Moon, Pattie Boyd Harrison, Simon Posthuma, Charlotte Martin & Marijke Koger at The Beatles rehearsals of “All You Need Is Love” for the One World broadcast.

September 1970 - Miners advert in '19 Magazine'. 

November 1970 - '19 Magazine'.

Charlotte Martin and baby Scarlet Page in 1971. From Groupies Outrageously tumblr blog.

Charlotte Martin and daughter Scarlet Page ca. 1972: “Me and my girl some 44 years ago. !! It can’t possibly be…”. From Groupies Outrageously tumblr blog

July 1972 - 19 Magazine's feature ‘Act Naturally’. Photographed by David Anthony. Miss Peelpants scans.

Charlotte and daugter Scarlet, with a friend in the 1970s. Unknown details. From Groupies Outrageously tumblr blog.

Ca. 1976 - Jimmy Page and Charlotte Martin by their daughter Scarlet. From youtube.

Beautiful Charlotte in the 1980s. From Groupies Outrageously tumblr blog.